Recent reports have shown that people attending fox hunting has risen since it has become illegal and I'm sick and tired of these barbaric simpletons bashing "townies" for trying to "interfere" in their affairs. What they are doing is:

1) Barbaric.
2) Not necessary.

The objectives for the next big push should be:

1) Remove loopholes in the law.
2) If the House of Lords attempts to block the legislation destroy it.
3) If the House of Commons refuses to meet our demands police the situation ourselves.

Just reading some of their comments infuriates me, they're full of so much shit, blabbering on about how it's tradition! Who cares if it's tradition, hunting witches was a tradition, bear-baiting was a tradition, gladiator fights were a tradition. Things move on, barbaric behaviour by a minority of people who find pleasure in the disgusting murder of other life should not be tolerated.

The majority of the population wants it totally BANNED. If the "democratic" bodies in this country are unable to carry the will of majority then they are illegitimate bodies and can be should ignored while we take matters into our own hands.