Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition leader in the Ukraine has shown his total hypocrisy, throughout his campaign he was constantly singing the tune of "democracy", he lost the election - 46.61% of the vote, compared with 49.46% for Viktor Yanukovych. Now he speaks of rebellion, turning his back on democracy completely because the people refused to support him.

All the talk of electoral fraud is based on the exit-polls (which were financed and organized from the US), which did show a victory for Yushchenko, of course this is completely irrelevant and unofficial. The exit-polls in the recent US election showed that Kerry won! Both sides pre-election agreed to the composition of the Central Election Commission, now they've lost they of course proclaim it to be corrupt.

The opposition is primarily composed of five ex-prime-ministers and 10 ex-ministers, all of which were fired for corruption and also five oligarchs, backed up by their far-right nationalist supporters out of Galicia and the US. Hardly the rosy bunch of the western media portrays. But then of course, they only show the few thousands in Kiev protesting in favour of Yushchenko, they don't show the hundreds of thousands of Yanukovych supporters in Donetsk, Simferopol, Kharkov or Odessa do they?