I installed Windows Vista 5744 on my Tablet PC the other day, before I had a chance to install Toshiba's utilities to make the screen automatically rotate I went over to the Control Panel to change the orientation to portrait mode.

Now to do this I was looking for the Mobility Center, which has all the mobile controls for brightness, rotation and so on.

But I couldn't find it. After another few seconds, there it was hiding down the bottom, after all it's called Windows Mobility Center.

Then it hit me, there's far too much stuff that begins with the word Windows.

Windows Vista Control Panel

Windows CardSpace, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Windows Mobility Center, Windows Sidebar Properties, Windows SideShow and Windows Update.

How many of these actually need Windows in front of their name? Windows Defender, sure that is a separate product on XP and 2003. Windows Firewall, sure I could see some users getting it confused with 3rd party firewalls, Windows Update, sure it updates Windows.

But the rest don't need to have Windows in front of their names. It gets even worse when we get to the Start Menu, where almost everything is Windows Calendar or Windows this...

What do I want to see in Windows codename "Vienna"? An end to Windows this and that. It makes the W key pointless in search as it brings back results for nearly everything!