I dug out an old application I wrote for RISC OS the other day, if you knew me back when I was 12 or 13, you could well remember this massive un-finished project of mine.

It was called The Night Sky (yes obvious infringements there) it spanned about 10, 1.6MB floppy disks, and what did it do? It was a simple astronomy program that spouted out lots of information about constellations, and various major objects in the sky.

It was never completed, Windows 95 was pushing it's way onto the scene and I found myself with a PC, bye bye RISC OS. The application was stuck on a hard drive and put away in the cupboard. Where it stayed about 70% complete.

Then it hit me, why not re-develop the application for Windows? Well it's got some bad points, it would have to be totally re-rewritten, I'd have to think of a new name. But then it has some good points, it'll run in a window and you'll be able to use a mouse!

I'd guess it would take about 150 hours to develop the application for Windows. Should I, or shouldn't I?