I am fed up with Superman this and Superman that. If Superman is so super why does he suck?

What does he suck compared to? The real super-"thing", he only takes a man-form when it suits him.

This is something so super he is can appear as god, can travel back in time billions of years, shift the whole universe around with a thought, change history of billions of planets with a snap of his fingers, or destroy the entire universe, or create a whole new one.

So behold your true Superman... Q.

Q as God
Q appearing to Picard as God Almighty.

This guy doesn't need to use his body to stop an aircraft from hitting the ground, who knows if he even has a body. With a single thought he can send that aircraft crossing the billions of light years to the other side of the universe and back again safe and sound before Superman had even finished putting his costume on.