From Fidel Castro:

I very much appreciate all the messages sent by our compatriots and by many people in the world. I feel sorry for having caused so much concern and bother to our friends in the world.

I can not make up good news, because that would be unethical; and if there were bad news, these will only be of benefit to the enemy. Given the specific situation facing Cuba and the plans designed by the empire, the information about my health condition becomes a state secret that can not be continuously disseminated; and my compatriots should understand that. I can not let myself be trapped by the vicious circle of the health parameters that are constantly changing during the day.

I can say that my condition is stable, but only with time could I speak about the true evolution of my health status.

The best I could say is that my condition will remain stable for many days to come before I could give a verdict.

I feel in a very good spirit.

The important thing is that everything in our country is going on and will continue to go on very smoothly.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces and the people are ready to defend the country.

Our compatriots will have a complete information in due time, as was the case when I fell down in Villa Clara.

We must struggle and work.