Yup it's been a busy night. Next up is the Moon, this is composed from three seperate photos - the Moon is too large to image at prime focus.

The Moon
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To the very north you can just make southern rim of Mare Tranquillitatis. Sinus Asperitatis is directly south of it, marked by the funny little crater that looks like it has a tail (pointing to the west). To the south-east, is Mare Nectaris easy to identify thanks to the two large craters to the north-west - Theophilus and Cyrillus.

Mare Tranquillitatis is famous as that's where Apollo 11 touched down. In fact the landing zone is in this image - if you take the two equal-sized craters to the very north, and draw a line down downward and to the right - about the same length as the craters are long wise, that's roughly where Apollo 11 landed.

If you take the large prominent crater Theophilus and draw a line from it's central mountain - to the left and up a tiny bit, you come to another smaller crater with it's western rim lit up brightly by the Sun - carry on going in the same direction for the same distance again and you come to the landing site of Apollo 16 - it's right on the terminator line at the moment.