My forth attempt at imaging Saturn. Conditions today were pretty rubbish. However I had built a new eyepiece adapter - so I had the right focal length to use my 3x barlow. The adapter itself is nothing special, in fact it's just some rolled up paper. But it works.

First up, an image composed of two images of Saturn, both taken with the camera at price focus. Using two different exposures to capture the satellites and planet itself.


Conditions were so bad I had to hugely increase the brightness to reveal Rhea and Tethys - Dione was no where to be seen. It's obvious how much smaller Saturn is over last month's viewing - no trickery, both images were scaled up 2x and this month's is about 15% smaller.

Now for the first shot with the 3x barlow, the barlow provides more magnification so this allows the camera to use more of it's pixels on the target - bad point, put's glass in the way which decreases brightness and contrast.


Need some decent seeing conditions fast, the Earth is leaving Saturn in it's dust, and I've gotta get some better images. :)