The current representatives of the US ruling class in the White House have so far described the three recent suicides in Guantanamo Bay as 'an act of war' 'a good PR move' and a 'planned event' - opposed to an accidental suicide I suppose.

Capitalism has to go. You smash one set of bastards and another set of bastards pop up somewhere else. Enough of this madness.

I'm really losing respect for Americans who just aren't concerned about their own violations of human rights. At least the German people were in a desperate state economically and what they fell for actually did improve their lives (for a while), the Americans have fallen for the same stunt only in a relativity good position, where they have since gotten worse off - if that wasn't enough the guy they fell for and is getting away with this has the intellect of Hitler's right foot.

European nations (including the UK) have been calling for the closure of this concentration camp for ages now and nothing is happening. Maybe its time for them to act. It wouldn't take much to send a fleet to Cuba and rescue the detainees.