This is a real shame; I was hoping the Daily Creationism was going to be updated on a much more regular basis, perhaps even in line with its name. I subscribe to this blog and well, I get one or two updates come down and that's it.

Disappointing after months of silence and then a re-launch I was hoping for something more, something fresh, but we've had a few rehashed arguments, disproven a hundred years ago.

The author of the Daily Creationism who hides his identity also hasn't addressed my question from a couple of weeks back, I welcome him to provide an answer.

I see there's been a few changes to his (I assume) site, some new links to some creationist videos, I don't know who the guy is in these is, but wow how boring, at least Hovind was funny in a duh duh way and I could perhaps get through 10 or 20 minutes of nonsense, but this guy, I can't even watch for more than a few minutes because I just get so bored.

I remember an entry a while back now saying he went to Lyme Regis and was debating people, "scientists" I think he called them on the beach. Now usually I'm against debating with creationists, they can spread more nonsense faster than it can be cleaned up, but I'll challenge the Daily Creationism author to a debate. His remarks about making "sure to get a blue one and a pink one LOL" (referring to dinosaurs on Noah's Ark) has made me so confident about the outcome of this debate that I'll ignore the general rule and go for it, maybe he'll learn something about how to distinguish between different genders too.