After decades of being anti-EU and years of supporting the leave campaign the Daily Mail finally posts a slightly more objective look at what the Brexit deal actually means for us. Unsurprisingly, its almost entirely negative.

Daily Mail's Brexit benefits
Daily Mail's Brexit benefits
  • Working - That's right UK citizens now have less rights than EU citizens living in Britain.
  • Passports - Forget using the fast-track e-gates at EU airports or Eurostar.
  • Travel - You're now limited to 90 days stay in EU countries in any 180 day period, and pay for a visa-waver.
  • Duty free - There's now a limit on what individuals can bring into the UK.
  • Driving - You'll need a green card from your insurer to take your car to the EU, those with paper licenses will also need an international driving permit.
  • Heath insurance - The government is looking at setting up a scheme to replace EHIC, no time frame given.
  • Education - Sorry students, we're no longer part of Erasmus, the government is going to setup a new scheme starting from September - allegedly.
  • Pets - All animals will need a health certificate from a vet to be brought into the EU.
  • Postal services - Sending goods to the EU will require a customs declaration, and we'll be stung with possible duty, VAT and handling fees. Thanks. This is actually a developing story with some US exporters informing us they apparently need to acquire sales tax on behalf of HMRC - which is frankly ridiculous.
  • Retiring to the EU - You'll need now a visa, and proof of financial independence.
  • Northern Ireland - Good news, as you're part of the customs union you'll avoid most of this mess.

Now my impression from reading the Daily Mail was that there weren't any downsides to leaving the EU. That we'd finally be free of the shackles of oppression, that they'd cave in and give us exactly what they want, don't they know we're British? I thought we were supposed to be cutting red-tape - not increasing it, and there was something about £350 million a week for the NHS wasn't there? When can we expect that?