Just a quick heads-up for those subscribers of TechNet or MSDN who are looking at installing Windows 8.

Windows 8 automatically activates when connected to the internet, and it seems to do it almost straight away. Don't wanna waste those now-limited keys activating virtual machines or other temp boxes that you're only going to use for a week.

I suggest pulling the plug on internet access unless you need it/can work out how to block it from activating. Alternatively there is a 90-day trial version of the Enterprise edition available. Might be best to use that for evaluation - be warned the trial cannot be later upgraded to a final version.

Seems the old advice of not activating machines you won't be using for very long isn't very valid anymore. Need the Windows Vista days back, of installing without even having to faff about finding a product key - don't have to worry about accidentally activating that.