I'm sure everyone on the left in Britain has heard of the Socialist Workers' Party - they're the largest "Marxist" organisation in Britain. However they are under complete control of a tiny minority of people, they stifle all other groups in their coalitions, like the Socialist Alliance, RESPECT and the Stop the War Coalition. Time and time again they have stamped out any traces of democracy to maintain their control of an organisation that believes solely in membership numbers and nothing in Marxism.

Here's two separate recordings made by Heiko Khoo, firstly at the "People's" Assembly and secondly at a meeting to decide what to do when Bush visited the UK.

It shows brilliantly how they crush any ideas they disagree with (don't want to upset their bourgeois friends do they?), how they stage meetings with their stooges who shout anyone else's ideas while democracy is given away in waves of applause.

This is an appeal to comrades in the SWP, to stop and actually think for a change. They're anti-democractic, pro-bourgeois and Stalinist in organisation by supporting them you are destroying the movement.