Ed Bott mentions what one of the /. admins said concerning IE support on the new discussion forums.

IE doesn’t work (patches welcome, but since only a quarter of you use it, it’s not a huge priority)

This is exactly the sort of double standards that really bug me. People like this, I know perhaps not this guy specifically, but the general Slashdot crowd for nearly a decade complained at web developers for only supporting Internet Explorer.

If you're going to be guilty of shunting IE because only 25% of /. readers use it then don't complain at a web developer for not supporting or hurrying out fixes for a browser with only 5% market share.

Perhaps what's really at the heart of the matter is not one of supporting in a timely fashion a minority web browser (on both sides) but of complete hatred for Microsoft and sinking to the low of any old excuse to take a stab, even when the same can be said about you?

I test and make sure everything is working great on the browser with the largest marketshare on whatever site I'm working on, sure its not perfect and in an ideal world standards would be enforced by law. But I don't then bash somebody for doing exactly the same as me just because they're on the opposite end of the spectrum. That's what I fear is happening here; I'm allowed to bugger over minority web browser, but you're not.

It's just the same as the Firefox and Mozilla fanboys complaining for years at how some websites would only allow IE, and then after Firefox crawled up to 10% they go and block IE from their website, even if IE had no issues with displaying it!