Talk about depressing. The following is the result from a poll asking "Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals." the results are below:

Acceptance of evolution

America managed to beat Turkey but that is all... Well done America. I'm sure most of you can guess the reason, right?

The total effect of fundamentalist religious beliefs on attitude toward evolution (using a standardized metric) was nearly twice as much in the United States as in the nine European countries (path coefficients of -0.42 and -0.24, respectively), which indicates that individuals who hold a strong belief in a personal God and who pray frequently were significantly less likely to view evolution as probably or definitely true than adults with less conservative religious views.

To all the Americans who are going to accuse me of anti-Americanism (which they seem to be quite popular of lately), I am not anti-American I am trying to help you. Get rid of the religious fundamentalism or the US will become utterly backward and all science and technology will go elsewhere in the world.