Man I've just watched some more of Apple's WWDC and I want to touch some more on Time Machine.

The Apple fan boys commenting on my other entries made it seem like Time Machine was some kind of "advanced" and "modern" feature.

Well its not, I was joking when I said it was like Backup from Windows 95, but after watching it, IT IS like Backup from Windows 95. All it does is make a copy every 24 hours of your files onto another hard drive (yes you need another hard drive, in Windows 95 you could backup to anything).

Oh man, it's not doing anything remotely as advanced as System Restore, let alone Volume Shadow Copy from 2K3 or Previous Versions from Windows Vista. All it does is copy the files somewhere else. Primitive. Volume Shadow Copy analyses what changes happen on the drive and makes a snapshot of files automatically as they change, rather than storing lots of copies it simply stores the bytes that have changed. It is like undo command in Notepad or Word, only it remembers what you changed across the entire drive.

Volume Shadow Copy - Previous Versions from Windows Vista

So Apple have a backup program now, which can copy files to another drive on a daily schedule. The only extra thing UI wise it seems to have over Windows 95 (ignoring all the Windows 95 features it lacks) is that it has a UI which is ripped off Windows Vista's Flip 3D - only it is worse because the windows are all behind each other which well defeats the purpose of it really.

The title of my previous post shouldn't of been "Apple's Leopard - more of a donkey - Vista 0.2" but "Apple's Leopard - more of a donkey - Windows 95".