Incredible, just tonight I stumbled upon the Yeovil Psychic Society's website. These people claim they are "Challenging the Accepted". Apparently these guys have been around for 30 years now. I wish they came upon my radar sooner.

I say we get some rational people together and found a Yeovil Sceptic Society, we can claim we're "Challenging the Bullshit".

Just a few things they've got wrong as I quickly went through their latest newsletter.

Earth is the only planet not named after a pagan God.

You forget Earth's other name, its Latin name, like all the other planets have. Terra, the Roman goddess of farmland, pregnancy and earthquakes.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

...[From the North poles]. So does Uranus.

It's filled with astrology nonsense, and worse still (from a population health standpoint) pseudo-medical mumbo jumbo like the already well debunked slight of hand magic tricks, psychic surgery. The Turin Shroud makes an appearance too. Jeez, can't these people get something new, something that wasn't already shown to be a forgery?

Come on give us something fresh! Saying that though, that's the trouble with people who are closed minded to the possibility of being wrong.

So why not come along to our next meeting, you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

I doubt that.