According to Microsoft's website, PlaysForSure is being re-branded to Certified for Windows Vista.

Now PlaysForSure was created so you could see if devices would be compatible between different music stores and so on, both have the logo on and they both work together. Simple, it avoided as much lock-in as possible for a DRM system. It was a breath of fresh air from how extreme Apple are, everything of which they do is to lock you into them, and them alone.

Microsoft however when launching the Zune, decided to emulate how the iPod handles DRM, in that you are locked into the Zune Marketplace and so on.

So PlaysForSure is turning into Certified for Windows Vista, however the Zune is also Certified for Windows Vista, but not that Certified for Windows Vista. So how on Earth are they going to try and maintain compatibility? What I'd love to see is the Zune become compatible with PlaysForSure, but this strikes me more as a move to kill PlaysForSure.