The signatures are on the paper, the ceasefire has been signed by both sides now. But something is clear, Saakashvili has issues. This guy makes Condoleezza Rice look sane. I'm sure even she was embarrassed by some of the crap this guy came out with at their joint press conference earlier:

I have to specify, this is a ceasefire agreement. This is not a final settlement. We are under Russian invasion and Russian occupation right now.

So you keep saying, over and over (Big Lie, Mein Kampf anyone?). But I see that you're still in government, and I don't see any Russian troops in Tbilisi.

We certainly should move from this temporary arrangement to a genuine international force on the ground to replace the occupiers and people who are up to trouble.

International force? The Ossetians and Abkhazians have said they want only Russian peacekeepers - as they're the only ones they can trust. Seriously, how can they trust the west when they were willing to stand by and watch Georgia invade their lands and kill their people? For hundreds of years Russia has provided protection for the many peoples in the Caucasus from aggressors from the south. Even though Russia has its own interests to look out for here they find themselves on the same side.

Two days ago they used weapon of mass destruction.

Right... Why does this guy remind me of a dodgy car salesman?

It's an unprovoked brutal invasion to kill Georgian democracy and end the independence of Georgia.

Oh yes of course, you didn't betray the Ossetians and break a ceasefire, you didn't destroy Tskhinvali and kill thousands of people asleep in their beds nor cause ethnic cleansing when you forced half the country to flee to Russia. Nor did you kill 13 Russian peacekeepers.

Russia just decided to "invade", with two battalions! And then instead of marching on Tbilisi, they just decided to cripple the Georgian forces that were attacking South Ossetia and Abkhazia, right, nice invasion. Sounds to me like they were defending their peacekeepers and Russian citizens in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

He then spins everything upside down again.

This is the country which had been bombed with cluster bombs, which has been robbed, looted and still the police function, lights were on, doctors were in place, supply lines never stopped and people never got desperate and ran away and never succumbed to this pressure, that is what we managed to build.

Police still function? Maybe that's because Russia didn't blow up the police stations, unlike NATO, or the United States do when they go to war.

Doctors in place? Maybe that's because Russia didn't blow up any hospitals like you did in Tskhinvali.

Lights on? Maybe that's because Russia didn't blow up the power stations, like you did in Tskhinvali, and your so called friends in NATO did when they attacked Yugoslavia or Iraq, heck power stations were near the top of the list. When NATO or the west are going after a country nothing is safe, power stations, TV stations, the Chinese Embassy, hospitals, schools, anything is on the list, civilian or not.

Maybe there's something we can learn here. Unlike NATO countries, Russia doesn't target civilian infrastructure. I think there's another lesson we can draw, if it wasn't for Georgia's scaremongering criminal president, things would actually be relatively normal in Georgia now.

Oh and one last thing. Not running away? Well maybe not the Georgian people, but there's certainly one chap who likes to run away, I guess he just wants everyone else to do the dying in his stupid wars.

His actions over the last few weeks has made it clear to everyone he isn't fit to be the president of anything, let alone a country like Georgia.