Continuing in the questions for "evolutionists" series.

How do evolutionists resolve the problem of galaxies and stars being billion of lights years away from Earth?
When the universe is only six thousand years old?

Simple, the universe is not 6000 years old. The universe is 13.73 (+/- .12) billion years old.

Christians believe that God accelerated the speed of light in the past, making it at least a million times faster for a few thousand years, so that we would be able to enjoy the starlight at night. =)

Most christians don't believe that, most won't even know what you're even talking about. Your creationist videos/books have come up with this excuse for how objects can be billion of light years away in a 6000 year old universe and be visible.

What about for you evolutionists? What is the naturalistic explanation for how these stars are so far away in a six thousand year old universe?

Well its really not a question for "evolutionists", ignoring your poor attempt to associate biology and science with an ideology, biologists study life on Earth, not the universe. Cosmologists and astronomers study the universe. As for the answer it's simple, your basic premise is wrong. The age of the universe is greater than 6000 years.