...According to Dave from Portsmouth. From BBC News' Have your say. Well known not to bring out the brightest of people. Dave writes:

We had acid rain in the 80's. That was quickly followed by the o-zone layer. Why are these two things never mentioned today?

Climate change is a mere excuse to tax us to death.

Dave, referring to past environmental "scares" attempts to paint global warming with the same brush, well at least his mental version of this brush, thinking they were merely fads which just went out of fashion. Seemingly unaware that acid rain is an on-going problem although one we have tackled relatively effectively through the use of scrubbers to filter out sulfur, nitrogen oxides, etc and the odd international treaty here and there.

The ozone layer is however the classic example of what we can do internationally to solve something, and should be used as an example of what to do to tackle global warming. We spot that the ozone layer is eroding due to the release of CFCs into the atmosphere, in 1987 we ban the use of CFCs and today, we have an ozone layer that is gradually recovering.

Above all else it shows how dumb some of these global warming deniers are, seemingly unaware about acid rain, and worse yet the ozone layer. But I suppose that's what you get when you have people who think it's hotter at the equator because it's closer to the Sun trying to understand climate science.