Continuing the series on answering crazy questions from crazy creationists (see here).

Why are the atheist and evolutionist worried about global warming?

Because rebuilding our coastal cities would be expensive, as would redeveloping our agricultural industries. The sooner we have control over our climate the better.

If speaking in your terms that there is no Christ or God, everything is meaning less etc... Than why are you worried about your air supply, war all around you, energy shortage, etc...

Newsflash: life isn't meaningless just because one doesn't believe in whatever intergalatic cosmic dictator you subscribe to.

Shouldn't you be turning into some kind fish (to accommodate your surroundings) or waiting for another big bang to happen? Can you explain to me why you care, all your going to do is die, right?

Yes because of course, we can choose to become a fish at any point we want to. Waiting for another Big Bang is even less of an option than the fish thing.

Yes all we're going to do is die in the end. But that doesn't mean we should try and shorten the length of time between then and now, not only for ourselves in this generation but for future generations, and not only for our species but for the habitability of the Earth in general.