I stumbled upon a question on Yahoo Answers today, its related to a bit of confusion creationists have with evolution. The same sort of confusion you can see in my original questions for "evolutionists" post.

Soldier for Salvation asks "Why do evolutionists always try to separate the Big Bang from their other ideas?"

Where to start, as always I object to the term evolutionist, like Darwinist, its used to discredit people who accept evolution. Are you a gravitationist? No, because The Theory of Gravity is not a belief system, or a political system, or an ideology, or what somebody does, etc. It's a scientific theory explaining why matter is attracted to other matter.

Somebody who studies evolution is a biologist. They study the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, because it explains the diversity of life on Earth and how that life is related to each other.

Using the word evolutionist, is a cheap shot. But then, being in the position they're in they've got little else. Anyway moving on.

Whenever someone mentions the Big Bang, or anything occuring anywhere in the universe besides here on Earth when they challenge Evolutionism, Evolutionists always roundly tell that person that evolution only deals with things here on Earth. Why is this?

It's because you're getting the terms mixed up. Evolution was a word before Charles Darwin came along. There's the original meaning of it in English which Collins defines as:

Evolution "a process of gradual development in a particular situation or thing over a period of time."

And in biology nowadays it is short for the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, and explains the origin of species - it doesn't explain the beginning of the universe, or how life started, it deals with how life evolves.

When an astronomer uses the term stellar evolution, or planetary formation or whatever, and not all scientists do use the word evolution in this context, they're referring to "a process of gradual development in a particular situation or thing over a period of time" they're not referring to the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. They're talking about how the universe is aging, or developing. Not how stars are reproducing, undergoing mutations and how nature is selecting them - that would be silly.

Are you clear on that?

If you study astronomy you'll see the world "evolution" mentioned a LOT. there's talk of steller evolution, evolution of planets, evolution of galaxies, and many other mentions of it.

So how can you do this, Evolutionists?

/facepalm. Again two definitions, read above. One refers to change over time. A galaxy evolving, is just how it changes over time, not how or why it is, just that it is, or a person evolves from a child into an adult, it is used the same in this context as aging or growing up.

The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection explains why and how species change from one thing into another.

One is a word describing change over time, and one is a scientific theory explaining how and why species evolve into other species.

It is rather comical watching creationists try and argue against Darwin, and Evolution by Natural Selection and seeing them extending that argument to the word evolution in general, I guess the city of London hasn't been evolving over the last 2000 years, because Darwin is wrong and things can't evolve!