This guy just doesn't know when to quit. I saw his claims resurface on PC World:

Vista Prevents Users Playing High-Def Content

Vista's complicated, overzealous copy protection system is degrading even premium content's that's not copy protected, such as high-definition home movies, says researcher Peter Gutmann.

Nice to see PC World have heard of a thing called balanced reporting. How about the counter views being published too, huh? Like the fact is Gutmann is factually wrong on many of his claims. A lot of this is just regurgitated from his previous "paper" which I dealt with here.

If this guy is in the real world can he please explain why I can watch HD video I've downloaded from the internet on my machine?

Can he explain why Ed Bott found Gutmann's "mysterious" application that he claims doesn't exist on the file system, in the System32 folder?

Can he explain why Paul Thurrott is watching HD DVDs on his PC with his Xbox 360 HD DVD drive? Despite not having HDCP on his monitor? It's because the software, in Thurrott's case AnyDVD, decides what it's going to do with the content, and not Windows Vista as I explained last year.

Can he explain why Brandon LeBlanc is producing HD videos on his Windows Vista machine?

If you believe the stuff this Peter Gutmann has to say, these everyday tasks which millions of people are doing with Windows Vista today are nothing less than miracles.