My one off MVP of the week award has just gone to Richard Urban, I was just about to go to bed but just thought I'd check the Microsoft newsgroups for a few minutes.

Richard Urban was replying to this post:

I have a brand new notebook with a dual core 2.2GHz processor, 2G of memory and a 160G hard drive. It's an HP Pavillion. I turn it on. It takes 45 seconds to display the login prompt. I login. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to display the windows welcome center.

I look at the system configuration and I have dozens of services and startup programs running. I tried to remove all the Norton Anti-virus services and programs. But it still takes 2 minutes to display the windows welcome center. But that means it was taking 60 seconds to load the Norton Anti-virus stuff.

Also, the system is loading 970M of programs and data into memory. That is alot of stuff.

So far my impression of this operating system is that it is too slow. My XP Pro system is far faster and it only has 1G of memory and a single processor.

Also, my daughter just bought an Acer 5100 5674 system at Circuit City. It only has 1G of memory and a 1.6G dual core processor. It is running Vista Home Premium. It takes about 30 seconds to display the login prompt and 1.25 minutes to display the windows welcome center. It is not running Norton Anti-virus.

So I spend all this money on serious hardware, and I am let down by the experience.

Seriously highlighting the fact PC manufacturers need to stop installing so much JUNK on PCs. It has to stop.

Anyway Richard replies with the following:

Your computer has Norton crapware installed. Your daughters doesn't. Your computer runs slow - hers doesn't. And you blame the operating system?

I fail to understand your reasoning that the operating system is at fault!

You already KNOW where the problem lays! Do something about it! Uninstall it.

-includes link to free AV-

You heard the man, uninstall Norton, install some good anti-virus which doesn't ruin your experience. AVG (free), Avast (free) and NOD32 (moneyware) spring to mind.