The Septim's have come and gone, out of the ashes of an Empire came a Nord, who went by the name of Paul Nord'Dude. On the 17th of Frost Fall in the year of 3E 433. He proclaimed himself Emperor of all Tamriel.

Paul Nord'Dude - Emperor of Tamriel

Finally after centuries of fighting for the freedom of the men of Tamriel in the first era, the Nords take their rightful place as masters, the weak and ungrateful Imperials would still be slaves to the elves if it wasn't for the power of the Nords, the mongrel Bretons will never forget their true blood lines it is to be stamped upon the heads of all - Elvish scum no Fargoths allowed.

The first year of the forth era shall be marked with a strong empire, an empire free from the damn wood elves and their buddies. Imperials shall now take their place as cannon fodder for the Nordic hordes, the beast races will be set free with lots of magic moonsugar and we will hunt down and locate S'virr so we can promote him to commander of the Nordic-Tamriel fleets.

The second year of the forth era shall be marked with a strong empire that shall expand to cover the entire world - we shall have our revenge on the Akaviri - nothing shall stop the Nordic advance, not when we have S'virr in charge of our ships.

It is with a strong heart and a frosty chill that we welcome the beginning of the forth era, the next time the sun rises it shall rise on a new era and a new emperor.