The iTunes compatible phone, the iPod phone, whatever you want to call it. It's an amazing little machine it can hold about 25 tracks. My Smartphone (SPV C500) holds about may be 500 decent quality tracks (or about 600 minutes of video), works with dozens of online stores, and even the new HMV and Virgin stores that you'll be able to use in-store and put your music on your players (surprise surprise iPod isn't compatible).

I really don't understand the media hype. We've had MP3-capable phones for years, we've had phones which work with dozens of online stores (rather then just one) for a year now. Apple way down on the rest of the pack, and getting the credit, even though it's a Motorola phone (who've had Smartphones for years).

If you want to be tied to one store, and a store that's losing a lot of respect within the music industry, get an iPod or that phone thing. If you want choice, get a Windows Media based device.

On a slightly different note, I was reading over on some Apple fansites the other day too and noticed a lot of Creative bashing going on, Creative recently winning a patent it filed in 2000 on what is basically MP3 player UI, which Apple cloned in their iPod.

One of the comments is just pure class, it read something like "Apple can just file for prior art, they had the iPod out before Creative had an MP3 player out". I talk a lot about how Apple fans seem to have their own history. The iPod was announced in 2001, Creative had their hard-drive MP3 players out using the same sort of UI in 2000 (possibly even before).