This has got to be the dumbest thing I've heard in years. Opera, the company behind the web browser Opera have filed a complaint with the European Commission, regarding Microsoft's evil web browser Internet Explorer, and how it is bundled with Windows, and as such how it hinders free choice in the browser market, something about this rings a bell.

Mr Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera doesn't seem to have any brains in his head what-so-ever. Do I have to remind people what it was like in the early and mid 1990s?

So if Europe requires Microsoft to remove Internet Explorer, this is what happens to Joe Public when they get a new shiny computer home.

"Where's the internet" says Joe.

Joe then proceeds to look in Help and Support and finds that you need to download a web browser from the internet.

"How the bloody hell can I do that without a web browser?"

Oh look there's more, in Help and Support it has a list of addresses and phone numbers of company's who make web browsers, if you send some of them a cheque for shipping and handling you'll receive some CDs with a web browser on in 6 to 8 weeks.

Or if you're somebody like me, spend 2 weeks turning the house inside out looking for an old CD with IE3 or IE4 on, only to discover them won't install on a modern version of Windows. Perfect.

Mr Jon von Tetzchner, and friends. You're a disgrace to the computer industry. Why don't you stop trying to make everybody's lives 50 times more complicated and actually develop a decent browser, one which people will want to install themselves.

This is far more retarded than even Sun were being over Microsoft bundling their Java VM with Windows. Look how much hassle that caused everybody, all these Java websites and applications just stop working and Joe Public doesn't know what to do. Sun of course knew exactly what they were doing forcing everybody to go to their website, wasting time to download Java so they can bolster the Java brand - what a joke.

We're trying to make computing more user friendly, you aren't helping guys.