Last week Microsoft accepted EU/Opera requests to have a browser ballot screen, where users can install from a list of web browsers the browser they would like.

This won't only be for Windows 7, but will be pushed down as an update to Windows XP and Windows Vista users too.

Surely Opera couldn't be more happy, surely they won't have anything else to complain about? This gives their 2% marketshare, a chance at being 20%, assuming people randomly select out of the 5 or so browsers listed.


Now they're complaining that the ballot screen shows the Internet Explorer icon. Hakon Wium Lie, Opera's chief technology officer said:

"The blue 'e' has become so associated with the Internet in general, due to the bundling with Windows. We think using the blue "e" might not be such a good idea."

You're worried about that? What about the giant Google logo plastered there, for many people Google is the internet, maybe they won't want to use the Opera or Firefox internets anymore.

Jeez, give it a rest.