It looks like Microsoft and the European Commission have come to an agreement where Windows 7, instead of being browserless, will include a ballot screen to select any web browsers to install.

While this will be less annoying than going and finding a copy of Internet Explorer, it certainly raises other concerns.

For starters, which browsers will be included on the ballot screen, and how will any selection be made? Doesn't this move even more anti-competitive? Instead of bundling one browser, now the two 3 or 4 top ones are going to be bundled? What about Lynx or Maxthon? Or the other two dozen or more browsers out there for Windows? Are they going to be on this ballot screen, I doubt it.

What's the process for adding new web browsers? Can anyone now stick a browser together, use Google as the default search and make let the money roll on it?

I'm just waiting on my new Peugeot to have a ballot screen asking if I want to use a Ferrari steering wheel and dashboard.