Yesterday you may remember the BBC using footage of a crying woman and a child, describing the attack that she witnessed, she was portrayed in the report as being Georgian. The same woman was also shown on Russian television - what the BBC didn't bother to show you was what she said after "thank you Russia for coming and saving us". This kind of thing has happened too much, pictures on news websites on the internet show Georgian artillery, which are labeled as Russian artillery firing into Georgia. The press should feel absolutely ashamed of themselves for this.

The US has been shown to be even more involved now, as eight of their aircraft airlift Georgian forces into the country from Iraq.

How can the United States possibly call for a ceasefire while bringing more Georgians forces into the country, and while those very same forces are continuing to bombard South Ossetia?

Calling for a ceasefire while Georgian forces are still on the offensive against South Ossetia is nothing short of allowing them to get away with this land grab, allowing such a thing to happen would set a dangerous precedent, almost allowing any country to quickly rush across a border, grab as much land as it can and then demand a ceasefire before they can be pushed out by any defending forces.

To expect Russia to allow Georgia to take control of South Ossetia, or Abkhazia is completely unrealistic, South Ossetia doesn't want to be part of Georgia, they want to be part of the Russian Federation. Georgia has never had any right to claim South Ossetia, which was moved into the Georgian SSR purely for administrative reasons in the 1920s - back then it didn't really matter as it was all part of the USSR.

Georgia must not be rewarded for its military aggression, the actions of the West are disgusting and are tantamount to supporting Hitler while he invaded the Low Countries and France. Such a position would have been insane then - and is insane now.

UN officials have confirmed that Georgia has said it is ready to agree to Russia's terms by withdrawing troops from South Ossetia and by creating a safe travel zone. Yet they still haven't done it, and South Ossetia is still under fire from Georgian artillery. Not only that Georgian special forces have been caught trying to get into North Ossetia.

Russia has had the deal on the table since Friday, and Georgia has done nothing about it. Clearly the Georgian government only want to see this crisis escalate to try and drag this out as long as possible, and unfortunately such a position would mean the only way for a quick resolution to the conflict would be via Russia stepping up the military pressure until Georgia was forced to come to the negotiating table, they're not going to do that while the West are giving them the green light to take control of South Ossetia.