The Russian Duma (parliament) came to the only obvious course of action and voted against allowing Madonna to be launched into space, idiot Duma member Alexei Mitrofanov, put forward the idea of booking her a $20 million seat on a launch on Soyuz in 2008.

The only acceptable courses of action would be 1) blowing the rocket up with her onboard, 2) depressurizing the space craft while in orbit 3) throwing her in jail for being retarded.

To some up the two main retarded things she has done recently (that I know of):

She claims to be on a quest to reinstate Pluto as a full planet. Yeah like that's gonna happen.

She also claims to have magic water, called Kabbalah that can eliminate radiation from nuclear waste, which she claims is a huge problem and the Earth will be destroyed within 50 years because of all the nuclear waste, uhh whatever. She doesn't specify why or any details to back up her claims, but luckily a British government official who she had been harrassing came out and said "the scientific mechanisms and principles were just bollocks, basically".

Right and why hasn't she been deported?