Yes I'm back, been a bit busy lately with helping Catherine move into university, ok I say help; I didn't really help at all. Then having the house ripped up for a new gas boiler the following week, and finally this week building a new computer.

Anyway back to the regular blogging routine. I'll start off with Internet Explorer 7. This follows up on a previous post about Firefox's anti-phishing filter being next to useless (false sense of security - again). From Internet News:

If you're looking to avoid phishing sites, you may need to look no further than Microsoft's soon to be released Internet Explorer 7 browser.

According to a new study published by technical services firm 3Sharp, security features in Microsoft's IE 7 lead a pack of anti-phishing utilities from Netcraft, Google, eBay and Geotrust.

The study gave top marks to IE 7, which was tested at its beta 3 level and was closely followed by Netcraft.

The report noted that IE beat out Netcraft due to IE's, "ability to anticipate phish," or sites the trick people into coughing up personal information. Google's Safe Browsing anti-phishing tool running on Firefox came in a distant third.

Well I can't say I'm surprised.

Microsoft has the advantage of having a very large data set of resources to draw from. On the technology side, they do heuristics on both the client and on the server.


"I'm pretty confident in saying that we did a fair evaluation and it happened in this case the Microsoft's product came out on top," Robichaux said. "Netcraft was not involved and they did very well in this study as well."

"Microsoft was willing to let the results speak for themselves."

Now we just need IE7 to be finalised and rolled out to the millions over Windows Update.