Look for an extra £60 in September, and another £10 a month for the next six months in your take home pay.

This is part of the chancellor's plans to help those that lost out under the abolition of the 10p rate, but it won't only benefit them. It will help another 15 million or so other people, including ones who benefited when the basic rate was lowered from 22p to 20p.

Going forward I would like to see the income tax threshold continue to increase so the burden on the lowest paid is reduced.

The Tories are quick to criticize, saying in effect only they know how to help hard working families.

So what would they do? Well raise the inheritance tax threshold, currently set at £600,000 for couples. According to the Telegraph today, they'd increase the threshold further from the £1 million they announced last year to £2 million for married couples.

Great. Nice to see tax cuts aimed squarely at the Tory front bench. Clearly what they see as being a hard working family isn't quite what ordinary people think.