"From the start, we intended to make not just a game machine for kids, but a computer for entertainment that adults throughout the world could enjoy, other companies may talk of game machines, but we've always referred to 'computer entertainment,' even in our press materials. It's entertainment and also a computer. That's what's important."

Your average washing machine is a "computer" stop trying to sound important.

"This time, Microsoft has stated clearly that it is going after PlayStation. However, they're going not after the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 2. They were looking at 2, and that's why [Xbox 360] became like that"

Right? Could you get any more immature? You don't see Microsoft bash Sony in this way. What's wrong have they got you a bit rattled?

"Other companies may have high definition graphics, but the internals are the same. For the most part, they don't do calculations. For the most part, they don't do physics - they just add movement through motion capture. Even if you display beautiful high definition visuals, you can't immediately tell if it's being calculated in real time by the Cell. However, if you look closely, the difference between things that are being calculated and things that are simply being changed and moved is clear."

OK, to be honest I don't have a clue what he's babbling about but I'll have a stab. So the other machines suck because they calculate things? While your machine just moves things? Errr, wait a minute I thought you said your machine was a "computer", computers actually compute you know, hense the name. This is totally laughable, the Xbox 360 can perform easily double the number of physics and AI calculations as the PS3 stop being so retarded.

"People probably won't be able to understand the difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 if the spec charts are just lined up. However, at E3, a suitable number of people said that they were glad they came and saw rather than just looking at the specs."

Aww dear, you're not babbling about your machine being 1000 times faster now are you?

When asked about the audio:

"It's obvious... Because [the audio] is all calculated [through Cell]. Sound is not the about the number of voices, but is itself an object."

You really are an absolute nutcase, you calculate it on the CPU because it's cheaper then having a chip dedicated to sound. Stop coming up with some rubbish about how if it's done on the Cell it's somehow better because it's connected to the object. Oh wait that's the Emotion Engine line ain't it?

Let's remember back in the official PS2 mag where this guy slags off the Xbox after it's specs are released, claiming it's inferior because it processes things on different chips and that because they're seperate they're inferior and don't capture the "emotions" of what they're trying to re-create. This guy is a nutter.

But wait there's more. In the June issue of Business:

"Kutaragi, known for the bold stroke and the grand vision, swung for the fences from the get-go. "We want to do something that has never been done before," he told Davari and a group of IBMers at their first meeting. "let's work together to change the world." The movie The Matrix had just come out, and Kutaragi relished itspremise of a world that is actually a giant computer simulation "Think about creating a crude version of that world," he said, "where millions of people can play in a realistically rendered virtual Tokyo or New Yourk City as if they are really living there." Creating that magical realm, Kutaragi told the team, would require a chip 1,000 times as powerful as the one in the PlayStation 2. The IBMers tried not to roll their eyes. They tended to like all that Matrix stuff, but when it came to 1,000-fold chip boosts, they thought Kutaragi was out of his mind."

"Davari tapped to lead the project was Kahle...He had designed IBM's first dual core chip, the Power4, and was just coming off a project that produced the IBM chip that powers Apple's G5 computers. "I don't want to do the normal stuff," he says with a shrug. Normal obviously want what Kutaragi had in mind. Still, one of Kahle's first moves was to talk Kutaragi down from that fantasy of a 1,000-fold power increase. Kahle figured a goal of a 100- fold boost from one chip generation to the next, having rarely if ever been achieved in the history of semiconductors, was ambitious enough."

"Kutaragi was incredibly demanding and repeatedly sent Kahle back to the drawing board. At one point about a year into the project, Kutaragi made the team scrap the whole system structure and start over nearly from scratch. Another time Kutaragi decided he wanted two more cores. Why? "He just wanted to squeeze the engineering team," expains Masakazu Suzuoki, Sony's top Cell engineer, wringing his hands as if strangling a snake. "it hurt your head," Kahle recalls. Making the pain worse: The team still had to deliver the chip on the original schedule."

There's more, now he's going on about shipping Linux as standard on the HDD, which will be an addon - oh this is good, it's going to be an addon as no size they'd ship would ever be enough - the 8GB drive was plenty on the Xbox, what a crap excuse. Does this guy really want to face Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer instead of J Allard?