"The Blu-ray Disc Association, the standards body for the format, has decided it will adopt Java for the interactivity standards," said Yasushi Nishimura, director of Panasonic's Research and Development Company of America, speaking at Sun's JavaOne trade show here. "This means that all Blu-ray Disc player devices will be shipped equipped with Java."

Oh dear.

30 second boot time.
Dropped frames from Java using too much resources.
Higher costs to deal with Java's huge memory needs.
Pop-up ads during the film.
Spyware and adware being installed.

This really gives content producers no limits to how much they can now abuse the consumer. They'll abuse it, don't think they won't! We had some companies sticking trailers in the copyright section of a DVD to stop people from skipping it. They're going to be able to control everything now.

No thanks. You've just removed any advantages Blu-ray had over HD-DVD in storage, it's going to be filled up with Java malware.