Microsoft have recently released the new beta version of Internet Explorer 7 which can be downloaded here.

Couple of new things I've noticed include a new add to favourites button, even the new Windows Vista build doesn't have this icon yet.

FTP sites that require authentication also now functions properly, in the beta 2 build this was broken.

One of the key new features however is being able to re-arrange the tab order which can be very useful sometimes.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 tab reordering

My favourite feature is probably the new way to handle large images, users used to IE6 will remember the little box that would hover in the bottom-right corner of images which would toggle the image from the original size to a size that will fit within the window. Now you don't need to wait for the little box to pop up you just need to click anywhere on the image and it will instantly toggle to resize the image or not.

Overall it's a good release that's available for Windows XP SP2, x64, and Windows Server 2003.