Christians are claiming to of discovered Noah's Ark (again). This time it's in Iran. Just how many ships did Noah command? I can find at least four ships.

I believe we also have evidence for a 5th ship in Great Britain too. Well we don't have the actual boat, or any evidence of a ship but we've got evidence of the feast that followed! Here we go from a recent BBC News article:

Bones and tusks dating back 400,000 years are the earliest signs in Britain of ancient humans butchering elephants for meat, say archaeologists.
Remains of a single adult elephant surrounded by stone tools were found in northwest Kent during work on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Scientists believe hunters used the tools to cut off the meat, after killing the animal with wooden spears.

Clearly they're mistaken, obviously it couldn't of been 400 000 years ago, so they must mean 4000 years. Elephants don't live in Britain it must of come from the Ark! This must of been the big feast they had when they left one of the arks, can't be anything else!

Anyway back to reality, that makes Noah's fleet at least 5 ships strong.

And to have them all beach at the top of mountains, what kind of admiral was he? A bad one at best. I've never heard of admirals ever losing their ships at the top of mountains, yeah sure this was before GPS but come on.