Dido Harding:

  • In part wasted £23 billion of our money on a failed track and trace system.
  • Paid consultants £7000 an hour, none of them seemed to have told her about school level science about viruses mutating or the 2nd wave.
  • Was surprised when more testing would be needed in September, when the schools were forced to open.

"None of us were able to predict a new variant would occur." - Dido Harding

"We've seen the virus mutate…which was something none of us were able to predict." - Dido Harding

A total and complete record of failure. Track and Trace failed, 59% of contacts reached? £23 billion down the drain? Unfortunately all too typical of this government and their complete and total failure to deal with coronavirus.

Why the private sector, why not the NHS and why Dido Harding?

Tory ideology and nepotism, this whole crisis has seen them award billions to private companies that fail to deliver results, all while systematically under-funding and breaking up the public sector. These companies seem to have a habit of being closely linked to the Conservative Party - so these contracts are not even being awarded to businesses fairly. Need ferries from a company that has no ships? No problem mate, here ya go, £60 million. Need a functional track and trace system? Oh thanks mate. Who cares if it doesn't work? As long as the donor money keeps coming in. Got a Tory minister on WhatsApp? Just send a message and see what you can get.

Dido Harding doesn't exactly have the most amazing track record, a good stint at Woolworths in 2009 (when they went bust), and a long run heading up TalkTalk, when they suffered a cyberattack resulting in hundreds of thousands of customer's data being leaked, and ended up costing them £80 million. Never mind though, in the same year she was put into the House of Lords, thanks to David Cameron. Who she attended Oxford with. How she end up at Oxford? Well she is the granddaughter of Field Marshal John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton. Oh, did I mention she's been married to a Tory MP since 1995?

We need to get this government out so we can actually get some talent running the country. Dido Harding, sorry, Baroness Harding, Chair of NHS Improvement and NHS Test and Trace is not qualified for the job. None of them are, and their record of failure should not be tolerated. I know its hard for Brexit Britain to understand, but we need the best people in government, not the worst + their WhatsApp contacts.