Hundreds of people braving snow, freezing cold temperatures and a pandemic standing in line for a soup kitchen. Welcome to Britain, after almost eleven years of Conservative Party rule.

More than 200 people queuing for food
More than 200 people queuing for food
Image credit: Kindness Homeless Street Team

The Scottish government's response is clear in a response to the United Nations report into poverty in the UK:

The evidence has long been clear that food insecurity is driven primarily by lack of income. Low pay, insecure work, and inadequate and unreliable social security provision mean that people can often be unable to put food on the table. Many have to resort to food banks for help. That is unacceptable in a country as prosperous as Scotland.

Researchers, food charities and independent experts have all highlighted the damaging impacts of UK Government welfare cuts and austerity in creating and worsening food insecurity.

Poverty in the 6th richest country in the world is unacceptable, and all those "patriotic" individuals that feel the need to constantly put the Tories into power should feel utterly embarrassed for this country, just look at how far backwards our country has gone in the last decade.