Companies in Britain avoid paying £90-£150 billion of tax per year.

What could we do with that money?

Every person in Britain, every man, woman and child could get an extra £1500 - £2500 per year in their pocket. Just think, that's an extra £10000 per year for a family.

That much money could pay for 360 - 600 new top of the line hospital buildings every year, and that's a conservative estimate.

Or it could pay for thousands of new school buildings every year.

With what these companies don't pay in just a few years we could replace every hospital and school building in the country.

Yet we're told there's no money for pensions, no money for schools, no money for hospitals.

What would I like to see happen? Threaten every company with socialisation without compensation if they don't pay their taxes. Either way, we get the money.

Scrap income tax for earners up to say £20 000 per year, scrap council tax completely, scrap all taxes for workers other than income tax, chuck VAT in the bin, probably the most regressive taxation there is. If retailers try and keep their prices the same and pocket the difference, threaten them with socialisation without compensation, monitor their prices and link average prices in inflation.

Increase the minimum wage to £9 per hour and link it with inflation, that will allow every full time worker to take home £15 000 per year, a living wage, not a minimum wage.

Either death to capitalism, or death under the heel of capitalism

Make them pay their share. People deserve a decent standing of living, stop letting the capitalists rob you of that.