I made a voyage over to Apple's support forums. One post stuck out for me, out of the endless iTunes problem threads where Apple's advice is "we suggest a wipe and reload of your system":

will Apple ever make it so us canadians can get movies and tv on our ipod's

Perfectly valid question, when will Apple release TV and movies in the iTunes store in Canada?

This is how the zealots respond to it:

Why aren't you angry at Canada for limiting your choices?

Right, this is Canada's fault for stopping Apple from selling things. Sure.

Minor point. Canada is part of America. The canadian government restricts what can be sold or done in their country not Apple. Petition your government and then maybe this could happen.

Right, you have to petition the Canadian government to get Apple to make movies and TV available in the Canadian iTunes store.

Seriously what the hell? The basic answer is Apple don't see there's enough of a market for it, and as such won't make enough money out of it to bother.

They just can't see this is an Apple business decision, and because the user isn't satisfied with the content Apple are delivering over iTunes, BLAME THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. What on Earth is wrong with these people?