How many people do you think died due to the Chernobyl nuclear incident? 25 thousand? 100 thousand? 1 million? 4 million?

In Britain a lot of noise is being made by Greenpeace and other organisations campaigning against building more nuclear power stations. They use Chernobyl as an example of thousands or millions of people being killed due to nuclear power stations.

They for one ignore the fact that meltdowns in that fashion can no longer happen in modern nuclear power stations.

But more importantly they invent figures; or put forward flawed figures thrown around by the bourgeois press in the West at the time used it as an excuse to attack the Soviet Union where inflating figures always seems to happen.

However the actual figure is just 56, that's from the Chernobyl Forum, an international organisation of scientific bodies including a number of UN agencies.

The background radiation levels in Chernobyl are no higher than other natural background levels elsewhere in the world, studies of animals in the area show no increase in cancer or cell damage.

Chernobyl was about as bad as a nuclear accident could possibly be, a total meltdown, yet more people die on Britains roads every week.

Global energy requirements demand a nuclear solution, renewable on it's own just won't generate enough power in the short time and to say no to nuclear power is reckless.

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