The Tories self-centred interests are coming into play now, with Cameron moving one step closer to destroying the Union.

David Cameron is to throw his weight behind the most radical shake-up of Parliament in more than a century by endorsing a plan to strip Scottish MPs of the right to vote on English matters at Westminster.

Great just great, turn the UK parliament into an increasingly English affair, which will weaken the Union until it is no more.

No doubt some Tories want to end the Union, as they'll have a better chance of getting elected; nowadays their power base is almost built entirely on English votes, all the Welsh and Scottish votes, typically further left help push them aside.

Unfortunately it was Labour that got us into this sticky situation, and in my opinion the only way to safeguard the Union - which is progressive for everybody, irrespective of class, is to dissolve the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament, this I believe long term is best for all involved. In doing this we need a way to preserve the gains that the working class has won in Wales and Scotland, such as free prescriptions and no university fees, and then to get the assistance from Welsh and Scottish MPs to get this through Westminster so it will benefit everybody in the Union.

At the moment this seems completely unrealistic, and the best I think we can hope for is to not drift any further down the road towards separation, Westminster must remain a parliament for the entire Union, and it cannot be transformed into one for England alone.