Bury Lenin - I think not

There was a bit of talk a few days ago about burying Lenin or not, I've always been pretty neutral on the topic, however I've just punched in Lenin into Google News and have been surprised at the amout of Lenin bashing going on in the capitalist press. So I'm going fully over to keep Lenin where he is until the work of the people is finished.

If they can get so annoyed at an 80 year old corpse then they're obviously a bit scared of what he represents.

I read on one website a comment by Amanda somebody...

As an eighth-grader, we learned about communism in Russia. Personally, I think they should just bury Lenin because he did not do anything helpful for Russia and is certainly not a good reminder of what happened for its people.

Well thanks to Lenin women in the Russian Soviet Republic had the right to vote when they took power, you would have to of waited until 1928. And if we really want to get technical the soviets since they formed (1905) obviously had no objections to women being politically involved, because its just stupid - the only kind of stupidity that some backwards feudal lord or fat capitalists could ever have made!

Go and ask some people who were alive then in Russia at the time and actually find out for yourself. I suppose you'd rather have Ivan the Terrible or Nicholas the Bloody in charge, for even asking for the right to vote they would of exciled you to Siberia.


There's a reason they decided to keep Lenin on display - because millions upon millions of people came to see him, and kept on coming to see him, even today.

People in line waiting in the feezing cold to see Lenin

Zyuganov, the leader of the so called "Communist" Party of the Russian Federation:

Irresponsible and provocative [...] With their filthy hands and drunken heads they are crawling into the sanctuary of the state. The desire to rake up remains of the dead is a great sin and a sign of mental pathology.

Indeed there's a reason Putin said in 2001 he had no desire to move Lenin - it could well result in civil war, only this time we wouldn't lose like in 1993.


Comment from: [Member]

Well that thing that little girl said, isn't that cos in America they're just told communism is bad only bad people are communists or something silly? I don't think they even taught us about communism any time at school.

14th October 2005 @ 05:46
Comment from: Class of 2010 [Visitor]  
Class of 2010

I think they should BURY him!!!!! It is wrong to leave him up he is a bad guy and it shows respect to bury a person. Beside the graveyard is for dead people not the public!!!!!!

1st February 2007 @ 20:05
Comment from: ReasonInRevolt [Visitor]  

Good post. Even dead, Lenin strikes fear into his enemies which is why the capitalist press maligns him so. I was at Lenin's Tomb last week. It was one of the most profound events of my life. To bury Lenin would be a crime. BTW, I am going to cross-post this on my blog.

4th June 2007 @ 00:14
Comment from: Eric [Visitor]  

If they bury him then my life long dream of having my picture taken with him will be buried as well. I'd like to keep my hopes alive.

15th July 2007 @ 20:03
Comment from: P.T.M. [Visitor]  

I'm from the US and you won't find a bigger capitalist myself. But why bury him? If I'm ever in Russia I know that one of the many things I want to go see is Lenin's corpse. I may not approve of what he did, but this is such a unique and influential display of the world's history that it would be a shame to put it underground.

16th July 2007 @ 06:36
Comment from: C, Andrew Morton [Visitor]  
C, Andrew Morton

I will say first off, i did not agree with Lenin's ideas of Marxism/Communism. I do not think Communism works period to be quite honest. Not to get off subject, im not a fan of Lenin at all, but i will say i wouldnt like him buried. One, he is apart of history and i love history. If i were in Russia, i would like to visit Lenin's tomb because i find it interesting because he and the tomb are apart of history. I can understand why the younger people of Russia would not like for his corpse to be displayed to the public because, ill just guess, that they feel ashamed of their past with the Soviet Union. Lenin and his followers brought down the exsisting Russian government and then had the Czar and his family killed. After Lenin's death brought Stalin, a heartless and cruel dictator who had thousands killed for no reason whatsoever. So simply, i understand why they would want him buried, but i wouldnt because i see it as a piece of history.

3rd August 2007 @ 06:38
Comment from: libertarian [Visitor]  

Lenin was a fucking monster. Stop being an apologist for hypocritical power-mad lunatic.

Go read some Solzhenitsyn and think about how well people fared in the fucking gulag before praising such a horrid individual.

Under the tsars, at least people had rights and could face their persecutors in a real court - not one of the kangaroo variety that the supposed lawyer VI Lenin used so well.

3rd August 2007 @ 18:17
Comment from: [Member]

Oh man, what's wrong with you? What exact monsterous deeds did Lenin do?

None of Lenin's actions leads me to believe he was power mad or a lunatic. Lenin didn't call 'All power to Lenin or the Bolshevik Party' he called for 'All power to the Soviets', as they were the most democratic bodies in the country.

Solzhenitsyn wasn't even born when the revolution happened. So excuse me if I hold direct sources as more reliable.

Under the dictatorship of the Tsar, people couldn't read or write, let alone have the money to actually go to court.

Come on get real 'libertarian', we've had quite enough of your right-wing nonsense throughout the world over the last century.

3rd August 2007 @ 18:38

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