It's started, they were 24 hours off the mark but I guess they've just dug out some crappy soundbites to try and back up their nonsense. Of course I'm talking about anti-socialists.

Couple of blogs caught my attention Blogging4Merton:

I normally make it a rule never to attack people in the Labour party, but I make an exception when it comes to the John Mc Donnell ludicrous leadership bid when Tony Blair stands down.

Yes god forbid the Labour Party should have some internal democracy. Hell you Tories might lose power if that happens.

Since his election to Parliament in 1997, he has been a serial rebel who has shown little loyalty to the Labour party, indeed he has been one of the top rebels in recent years. Loyalty is not one his traits.

If being a serial rebel who has no loyalty means voting against the Tory policies of Blair than all the better. He's consistently shown nothing BUT loyalty to Labour.

The agenda that John Mc Donnell advocates would make Labour completely un-electable, indeed his statements yesterday were circa 1983 and the 'longest suicide note in history'. The work in modernising the Labour party and pursuing policies more in touch with the public, has led to the Labour Party winning three elections in a row with a comfortable majorities on all occasions. If the party had followed the agenda of John Mc Donnell, we would still be in opposition with no serious prospect of power.

Wow what's your sources on 1983? Now that was really both before our times, but most people agree Labour lost due to the Falklands War, Thatcher's standing in the polls was much lower than Blair even today; without the war she and the Tories would of lost the election; and it wouldn't of been the first time capitalists have mass murdered to defend their margins. If it was really because of the socialist manifesto, why did Labour lose the following two elections with a much more Blairite sounding platform?

Labour *is* already in opposition, squashed between a Tory party, and a Tory mole in charge of the Labour Party.

The point of democracy is not to say anything in order to win, it's to offer the people real choice, in the UK we have no real choice. An energised socialist Labour Party will be the real choice for the people. Labour careerists who are only obsessed with keeping their jobs at any cost should leave, you set up a solid socialist program in Labour and you keep at it, it might take a generation but at some point that party will storm into power and deal their enemies an enormous blow.

Of course it's always an uphill struggle if you're carrying socialist policies because the media and others like yourself who benefit from the state of things at the moment will throw so much mud around it will make your head spin. Luckily in the labour movement we have patience, and we are prepared to fight and wait and fight for however long it takes to achieve socialism, and we should never change our policies just so our "party" under the command of somebody who is not one of us can get a job as the PM.

Labour is a workers' party and socialism is the workers' politics. If you don't think Labour should be that, leave, what are you doing in Labour other than supporting your Tory moles? There’s another party where you can meet up with lots of equally minded people, it's called the Conservative Party.

A leadership election will come in the next few years but do not expect this challenge to cause many headaches to the more serious candidates.

I've seen a poll of Labour Party members and John McDonnell's support for running is around 80%. Nobody wants a handover of power to Brown.

Next up we come to a little racist blog, called Little Man in a Toque, he seems to be for Mcdonnell standing simply because Gordon Brown is Scottish.

Not to mention the need [by Labour] to rely on Scottish votes to force through English legislation.

Well if you're expecting socialists to break up the Union think again, we will fight petty nationalism every step of the way; for people like you Brown is your best option, Scottish or not. The breakup of Great Britain would be nothing but backward.

Next up we have politicalbetting slamming John Mcdonnell for his remarks on the IRA:

"It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA."

Of course this is something the media are going to use against him "supporting terrorism". Well the actions of the IRA are pale in comparison to actions of British imperialism in Ireland, who's the real terrorists? They also say:

On the face of it, then, Gordon should be pleased that the first person to put his hat into the ring for the coming Labour leadership contest is a left-winger who has listed “generally fermenting the overthrow of capitalism” as one of his interests in his entry in Who’s Who.

What's wrong with that? Or do you enjoy the exploitation and enslavement of billions, along with let's not forget about 98% of the British population? If you do then maybe you should look out.

Those closer to the political sphere itself have also made several comments about this. Communities and Local Government Minister Yvette Cooper opts for "a stable and orderly transition" rather than democracy.

We need leadership which will unite the party, not divide it. We need to look forward to the challenges of the future, not back to the politics of the past

If she had followed the news, she would have seen that new Labour's "unifying" leadership has driven half Labour's membership out and caused its vote to plummet.

Chris Bryant a Blairite MP says he cannot back John McDonnell due to "extremist" policies. When asked for an example, he cited Mr McDonnell's support for renationalisation of our railways, as though this placed him on the political fringes.

However renationalisation of the railways is the policy of the rail unions, the TUC, passenger groups, a majority of the population and the Labour Party conference.

The attacks are going to happen and will of course build up with time, but they're all a twist of lies and distorted truths, and that gives us the advantage.