Alright so what's actually new? Hmmmm let's see we've got:

Time Machine as I mentioned in my previous post. The Apple fanboys commenting there said its more than Backup or System Restore, and they're right, its more like Volume Shadow Copy which has been in Windows since 2003, and yes, is and always has been a part of Windows Vista.

What else have we got? New Mail client, Mail 3.0. With new awesome features like mail templates and stationary.. Err hang on, hasn't that been in Outlook Express for like 8 years?

Spotlight can now search over the network... Couldn't it do that before? Windows Search has always been able to search over the network.

Spaces, no its not like Windows Live Spaces its like having more space for your desktop, which Linux and Windows has had for years now, even if with Windows it wasn't out of the box.

Overall this is one donkey of a release and we're not even going to get it until next year. I'd also like to correct Apple on a typo they made on their childish advertising, they meant to call Leopard Vista 0.2 it's a long way off from competing with Windows Vista.