Well I've just managed to sit through a bit of Steve Job's address at WWDC. As always he likes to start off by bashing Microsoft.

He was pointing out how little progress Microsoft have made in the last five years, stating that Apple has shipped five major releases for Mac OS X. Five commercial upgrades at $129, the first Jobs admitted was just to make the broken original release. That comes to about $650 + tax, ouch. I personally wouldn't say any of these updates have been "major", they've been pretty minor.

Microsoft we're told has done nothing, "they've been trying to ship a single release that's had many names", errr it has had one name Steve, Windows Vista, and one codename Longhorn.

So what have Microsoft been up to on the OS front (ignoring Office, Xbox and so on)? They've shipped Windows XP, Home and Professional. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, two possibly three versions of Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition, three versions of Windows XP Media Center Edition, the two "N" editions, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, Windows Starter Edition, Windows XP Embedded, four versions of Windows Mobile and Windows XP SP2 which was a major service pack, easily comparable to one of Steve's upgrades.

And I have probably forgotten some. So Microsoft have done nothing? They've improved Windows XP much more than Steve's commercial service packs have improved Mac OS X and I'm still waiting for when I can get an Apple Tablet or Media Center PC.

Then a chap called Serlet of Apple's Software Engineering division came out.

He had a go at Microsoft for copying Spotlight. Which I have repeatedly said many times that is an outright lie. Microsoft announced and demonstrated Windows Search years before Apple announced Spotlight.

Then he had a go at the new Windows Vista logo, claiming Microsoft copied that from Apple too... WTF?

He then wrongly bashed Windows Mail claiming Microsoft were copying Apple's Mail application. WTF!!!!! Windows Mail is just the new version of Outlook Express that shipped with Windows 98!!!! Their Mail application is ripping off OE features such as stationary.

What's wrong Steve, that shrinking 2% market share starting to freak you out even more?