1) Everytime you walk by a pond you run over like a madman, toss in the largest stone you can find and yell "Wasserbomben!!"

2) Everytime you're sitting at a traffic stop, you're calculating the AOB and range of passing cars.

3) Your clock goes off in the morning and instead of lying there thinking "I don't want to get up yet" you leap out of bed screaming "ALAAAAAARRRRMMMM!!!".

4) You've taken to sleeping with your clothes on, 'just in case'.

5) Everytime you return rather late from a boys night out you look for the 'Rig for Silent Running' button.

6) Everytime you're tired you think there’s a red exclamation mark over your head.

7) Whenever you see a ship you estimate tonnage, draft and wonder where the fuel bunker/engine rooms are.

8) You wonder where the heck the band and nurses are every time you pull back into your driveway.

9) You wonder if you can get away with speeding if your car had a stern tube.

10) You start giving directions to people in terms of bearings.

11) You refer to all the locations in the city by their map grid coordinates.

12) Everytime you see a hot chick you yell "Chick beschmutztes Lager...!"

13) You keep referring to yourself in the third person as Herr Kaleun.

14) You try making your kids medals hoping that it might improve their personalities.

15) You ignore all rust on your car.

16) You conduct surfacing and submerging exercises with your head in the bathtub.

17) Everytime you put on headphones you strain your ears and try grab onto anything that resembles a wheel.

18) You keep clicking on people to try and talk to them.

19) You seriously consider painting your flotilla emblem on the side of your car.

20) You absentmindedly pulled open a manhole and went down the ladder because you had to go below decks.

21) Everytime you go jogging you give yourself telegraph speeds.