Man I am annoyed, what are they trying to do? Force me to live on the streets? Turns out Yahoo decided to give their search engine a clean out, although they didn't really clean it out too well at all, if anything it was a clean in, now there's loads of junk results on their search engine for "Xbox 360".

My Xbox 360 site has been ranked #5 and #6 for months now on there, a couple of days ago it plunges all the way to #250.

Great, good bye most of my traffic. Why has this happened? It wouldn't be so bad if it was just my site, but they've got a lot of junk results on the first page now. It had better creep back up soon, I've worked my ass off on that site, I don't intend to be outdone by sites that are 90% adverts with virtually no content about Xbox 360 on them.